Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 19: Recovery, the Cairn Road to Red Larch

Two days travel, northwest of Womford

The Party

  • Rassan, human monk, 3rd level (Matt)
  • Sryn, dragonborn druid, 1st level (Kelanu)
  • Valnrarth, high elf wizard, 4th level (Michael)
  • Carl, air genasi eizard, 3rd level (Liam)
  • David, goliath barbarian, 3rd level (Chad)
  • Bryn, half-elf ranger, 1st level (Jason)

Chet Stoneknuckles rows, this time toward dim light at the end of the tunnel. He opens an iron grate at the end of the dark stream and rows nervously out into the small harbor and out through the water gate. Once back on the Dessarin River, he rows slowly south, toward Womford. The next 12 days are slow going. When he sleeps, the boat just drifts. But eventually, Chet docks in Womford, his unconscious comrades dying, and near dead.

Appealing to the charity of his party members’ factions and patron gods’ clergy locally, Chet obtains healing services for the group, which holes up in a local inn for the next few days, recuperating. Their stay there—though short—is almost as trying as the 12 days of rowing was for Chet. The wooden cots in the basement of the Greedy Minstrel aren’t very comfortable, but the party is thankful for the barley porridge, dried boar, and hazelnut bread provided by the Minstrel’s halfling proprietor Hone. (It costs each party member 6 sp for their three-day stay at the Greedy Minstrel.)

While recuperating, the better able party members set out into Womford to inquire after the missing delegation for which they search. They encounter a local merchant who sold a recently acquired dwarvish text to a merchant traveling to Red Larch, as well as someone who heard about a big gathering of druids at Scarlet Moon Hall, located in the Sumber Hills east of Red Larch.

Once fully healed and rested, after two weeks of rowing and recuperating, the party sets out again, on foot, leaving Womford on the Cairn Road toward Red Larch. On the evening of the first day, after roughly eight hours on the march, the party is beset by bandits, encamped just off the east side of the road. The comrades defeat the bandits, which seem to include water cultists, and then rest—using the bandits campfire. On the second day, at midday, the party is beset by three air cultists astride giant vultures. The adventurers defeat the cultists, and their mounts wheel off into the distance.

Night falls, the party makes camp, sets a watch, and sleeps. Three more days remain on the road to Red Larch.



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