Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 20: The Cairn Road to Red Larch

Two days travel, halfway from Womford

The Party

  • Rassan, human monk, 3rd level (Matt)
  • Chet, deep gnome rogue, 3rd level (Kyle)
  • Bryn, half-elf ranger, 1st level (Jason)
  • Marlowe, human fighter, 2nd level (Justin)
  • Bahlgan, half-elf rogue, 1st level (Nima)

Midday on the third day of travel northwest from Womford toward Red Larch along the Cairn Road, the party’s march was halted by shaking tremors in the land around them. Two hungry ankhegs burst from the ground, attacking the comrades from both sides. After defeating the unwelcome creatures, the party continued on its way, spending the night just off the side of the road.

On the fourth day of travel, a trio of hell hounds attacked the group, wearing iron collars marked with the sign of the fire cultists. The party defeated the hounds, continuing their march north and west toward Red Larch.



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