Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 21: Red Larch, into the Sumber Hills

A brief homecoming of sorts

The Party

  • Chet, deep gnome rogue, 4th level (Kyle)
  • Gandalf, high elf wizard, 3rd level (Nadia)
  • Ilphelkiir, high elf wizard, 1st level (Poppy)
  • Carl, air genasi wizard, 3rd level (Liam)
  • David, goliath barbarian, 3rd level (Chad)
  • Jack, air genasi fighter, 1st level (Marcus)

After five days of traveling north and wet along the Cairn Road from Womford, the party finally arrives in Red Larch, returning after several weeks absence. Jack goes to Ironhead Arms to procure additional arrows before the group heads to the Swinging Sword to secure rooms for the night and eat dinner.

Kaylessa Irkell welcomes the party back, informing them about the outcome of the trial of the Believers, the group of town elders discovered after the sinkhole collapsed. The trial found them guilty of wrongdoing, and the Believers have either attempted to flee or been imprisoned. One hung himself in prison. The townspeople filled in the sinkhole and have shored up the walls and ceilings beneath the street. Otherwise, things have been relatively calm in Red Larch.

While eating, the party encounters Brother Eardon, a worshiper of Lathander and traveling preacher. He tells the group that before he left Beliard for Westbridge, and then Red Larch, the delegation from Mirabar had been in Beliard. He seems surprised and concerned that the dwarves haven’t arrived at their destinations yet.

After eating and sleeping, the group sets out north and east on the Larch Path before heading east into the Sumber Hills to find Scarlet Moon Hall. In the early afternoon, the group meets head on with a group of four bugbears. They prove to be worthy opponents, and the party sets up camp well before sundown in order to rest and recuperate.

The next day, the party loses track of their destination and route, wandering without strong direction in the Sumber Hills. They spot a group of trolls crossing their path in the distance, and try to hunker down in order to hide. The trolls see the party, however, and attack. The party is hard pressed, and a couple of heroes fall: Gandalf and Jack. Beforehand, however, the group learns that fire proves effective—thanks to the arcane attacks of Gandalf and Ilphelkiir—and Chet starts a grass fire by throwing a flask of burning oil at the trolls. Meanwhile, Carl distracts the creatures by levitating out of their reach, leading them on a chase away from the group, which hides in the high grass.

Eventually losing the trolls and looping back around to their fallen comrades, the party heals their friends, and finds a suitable campsite—and hiding place—for the night.



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