Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 22: Slowed in the Sumber Hills

Delayed, then Scarlet Moon Hall

The Party

  • Gandalf, high elf wizard, 3rd level (Nadia)
  • Ilphelkiir, high elf wizard, 1st level (Poppy)
  • Carl, air genasi wizard, 3rd level (Liam)
  • David, goliath barbarian, 3rd level (Chad)
  • Jack, air genasi fighter, 1st level (Marcus)
  • Chryso, human fighter, 1st level (Alan)

Waking to sunrise and birdsong in the high grasses of the Sumber Hills, the party gets its bearings and continues on its way to Scarlet Moon Hall. Along the way, the group—not making very good time—comes upon a merchant caravan heading west toward Red Larch. The group asks for directions, confirming the direction in which they’re heading, and avails themselves of the merchants’ wares, two party members procuring muslin cloth, one making a cape. The merchants also sell carved wooden bowls, but the party doesn’t buy any.

Continuing on their way, the party soon becomes turned around again in the desolate hills, encountering a lone ogre. The ogre, as taken aback as the group is, responds to the group speaking to it in Common, seriously considering an offer to join the party. As the ogre and party members negotiate pay—starting at 5gp a day before going to 10gp a day, before Jack started emptying his backpack to show the large fellow everything he had—the ogre decides to attack the party and just take everything they have. The party fights back, dispatching the greedy brute.

The party finally reaches Scarlet Moon Hall late in the afternoon, approaching the smoke- and haze-filled depression in which it is located. Jack approaches the campfire of druid Gariena, where he dances along with her fiddle playing and the aerial dancing of the sprites Flix and Afid. The rest of the party approaches, and they share their stories of adventure and misadventure, expressing their concerns about cult activity. Gariena gives the group two scrolls that might help in their cause, but cannot invite them to camp with her.

The rest of the group waiting behind near Gariena’s camp, Jack and Carl approach the far side of the walled tower, spotting a camp for two hairy men, another two men—camped out by the burning wicker man—and a bear, and a long tent beside the tower. Using Mage Hand, one of them frees the bear from his chain and stake. The bear attacks the two men by the effigy—and they kill it using spells of fire.

Jack and Carl return to their comrades, and the group moves around behind the tower to the far side to set up camp for the night. Come morning, the group will decide whether to explore any of the other camps—or to approach the tower. For now, they set a watch, make no fire, and sleep.



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