Princes of the Apocalypse

Session 18: Rowing into the Darkness

Rivergard Keep's Secret Landing, away from dim light at the end of the tunnel

The Party

  • Chet Stoneknuckles, deep gnome rogue, 3rd level (Kyle)
  • Rassan, human monk, 3rd level (Matt)
  • Erebus, dragonborn druid, 1st level (Kelanu)
  • Luth, air genasi fighter, 3rd level (Jude)
  • Valnrarth, high elf wizard, 4th level (Michael)

After re-establishing the party’s watch and completing a long rest following the eventful evening—the sleeping party approached stealthily by a wereboar and several water cultists last week—the group decides to requisition the sole remaining rowboat. Rowing downstream away from the dim light at the end of the tunnel, lit by Erebus’ Produce Flame and aided Chet’s superior dark vision, the party rows for more than two miles—just more than an hour.

Out of the darkness, they see distant firelight shining from a large cavern. Continue to row to approach—extinguishing Erebus’ flame—the party sees a large underground lake, a crumbling stone quay at the eastern edge, and a moored skiff. As the group rows past that eastern quay, they are hailed by guards: “Show us the sign!”

Chet tries to talk his way out of not knowing the sign, and the guards attack, lining up along the quay’s edge and throwing javelins. As combat commences, a submerged hunter shark slams into the small rowboat, threatening to tumble the adventurers into the murky water. Guards board the skiff and row toward the party’s boat, eventually overtaking it.

Eldritch blasts from the quay and the hunter shark take their toll, and two party members fall dead—Luth and Erebus—while an additional two fall unconscious—Rassan and Valnrarth. Desperately, Chet rows the boat away from the underground lake, crumbling stone quay, and enemies, back into darkness—eventually outpacing the guards, who don’t seem to have the benefit of dark vision or a light source once they exit the dim light from the large cavern.

Chet rows slowly into darkness, the silence of the water and tunnel around him, the breathing of his comrades still or labored, back to the Secret Landing—and Rivergard Keep. His goal: Womford, 100 miles—perhaps 10 days rowing—to the south on the Dessarin River. Perhaps there he can seek aid for his fallen friends.



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